Girl Wearing Denim Shorts

Your Style Guide to Shorts

Summer is just around the corner. The temperatures are heating up and it is time to bring out your shorts. Shorts are a staple in most wardrobes, but do you know how to wear and style shorts? Do you know what is trending this year when it comes to shorts? While you know the best jeans for women, we show you how to style your shorts and what is on-trend for this coming year.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are in style no matter what year it is. From cutoff denim shorts to high-waisted to daisy dukes, denim shorts are versatile. How much do you really know about denim shorts and how to wear them?   

You need to understand the inseam. The shorts with the longest inseam are Bermuda shorts. They typically fall between nine to 11 inches. The mid-length shorts are five to seven inches long. The shortest shorts are between three and a half to four inches. Try on the different lengths to see what you are comfortable in and what looks good on your body. 

Take into account what type of shoes you are wearing. A neutral shoe with shorter shorts will elongate your legs. If you choose flats with longer shorts, the look will shorten your legs. Heels are another good idea to wear with shorts. They work well with all inseams and will typically elongate your legs.

Woman Wearing Denim Shorts

Short Suits

If you want two piece sets for women that are comfortable, stylish, and you can wear them to the office then consider short suits. Short suits are a combination of a blazer with matching shorts. They are designed for summertime to combat humidity but still give you a professional look. Pair the short suit with heels for a more sophisticated look. If you are going for a more casual look, wear a comfortable pair of sneakers.

There is some division whether or not short suits can be worn to the office. Check with your office to see if there are policies in place that prohibit shorts in your work environment. 

However, a dinner date or a casual lunch with colleagues is perfect for short suits. Browse the collection of two piece sets for women at Bon Bini for more options when it comes to matching sets.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are making a comeback this year. They give off a laid-back style when you pair them with a loose shirt and sandals. If you choose looser-fitting Bermuda shorts, pair them with a tight-fitting top to balance out your look. A pair of leather sandals is the perfect combination to finish off this look.

High-waisted Bermuda shorts are in, which is perfect to accent your figure. Wear a tight-fitting shirt tucked into your high-waisted Bermuda shorts for a cool, casual look.

When you want to elongate your legs while wearing Bermuda shorts, pair them with heels. Heels elongate your legs no matter what you’re wearing.

A crop top pairs well with Bermuda shorts. If you have a casual outing, a lunch with friends, or shopping around town, then a crop top and Bermuda shorts are a good option. This look will keep you cool on the hottest of days. Choose a bright, colorful matching set to give off a full summer feel.

Athletic Shorts

Athleisure-wear and lounge-wear are here to stay, and that includes shorts. Bike shorts are perfect for working out, shopping, and hanging out on the couch. They come in all colors, which include plain black, patterned leopard print, and colorful tie-dye. 

Wear athletic shorts with a graphic tee or an oversized hoodie for a casual look. To polish it up, add gold jewelry and an oversized purse. For the really hot summer days, pair your casual biker shorts with a crop top or trendy sports bra. 

Bright colored biker shorts are perfect when you want an attention-grabbing outfit. Pair the bright colors with a shorter top when it is warm out. If it gets cooler at night, throw on a crewneck sweatshirt to stay warm.

When you want clothes to workout in, you already have them in your closet. Whether you are working out in a HIIT class, spin class, or pilates in your living room, you will look stylish in biker shorts. When you go on long bike rides or need extra padding for spin class, choose a pair of shorts that have padding in the back so they are more comfortable.

Utility Shorts

Utility shorts have hit the runway and they are both fashionable and functional. Choose a pair of caramel brown, ivory, or beige shorts when you are heading on vacation or doing errands during the day.

Pair utility shorts with a tighter top, such as a tank top. A tight-fitting tag goes perfect with high-waisted utility shorts. It also balances out the baggier fabric on the bottom with the tighter fabric on the top.

Even though they are utility shorts, it doesn’t mean they are limited to casual wear. Dress them up with a pair of heels and a cami.

Woman in High Waisted Shorts

Wear Shorts in Style

There are many types of shorts, such as two piece sets for women or athletic shorts. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, shorts are always in style during summertime. Bon Bini has the shorts you need to step out in style this year. See everything Bon Bini has to offer and find your next favorite pair today!