Fashion in NYC

What to Wear in NYC Without Looking Like a Tourist

Are you traveling to NYC soon and wondering what to wear? Don’t stick out like a sore thumb by looking like a tourist. Instead, blend in with the chic street fashion of New York City. Here are a few style tips to help you feel more at home when visiting NYC.

A Pop of Color

Add a dash of color to your outfit. Bright colored sneakers, a scar, or a colorful belt are good options to get you started. Accent pieces are a good way to go and will make your favorite items stand out even more. 

If you visit neighborhoods like Red Hood, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick, you will notice much more colors. Hipsters are everywhere in these neighborhoods, which is why you will see more color. When you are feeling like rocking that neon fanny pack or bright colored polka dot pants, go for it. 

Wear Layers

Wearing layers in NYC is essential no matter what season it is. The weather can change rapidly, from freezing outside to hot inside. Subway cars may be cold but when you head into the Met you may start sweating.

Fashion in NYC

The easiest way to handle these changing temperatures is with layers. When you get hot while visiting the museum, just take off your top layer, such as your sweatshirt or denim jacket with chains. Your lighter t-shirt underneath will help you feel comfortable as you take in the sights. When it is time to head into the subway for your next destination, you will already be prepared with your denim jacket.

Wear Black

Black clothes go with everything, which is why New Yorkers love them. You will notice black clothing all over NYC because it is functional and on-trend no matter what season it is. Another bonus of black clothing is that it hides stains. Even if bright-colored clothes are your thing, create a travel wardrobe with dark gray and black pieces. The colors work well in just about any situation, from browsing art shows to a rooftop party.

Check Your Shoes

You will walk a lot when you visit New York, which means you want a pair of good shoes. Your shoes can be both stylish and comfortable. Find a pair of sneakers that you don’t mind wearing for long periods of time but will still look good during a night out. If you need to wear heels but still have a lot of walking to do, just throw a pair of heels in your bag. This way, your feet will be protected, comfortable, and you can switch to your heels when you reach your destination.

Day Bag

You won’t stand out if you carry a backpack or day bag in NYC. It is common for people to carry some sort of bag filled with workout clothes, cameras, and clothes for a night out. If you plan on happy hour after a busy day, there won’t be much time to go back to the hotel for a quick change. Instead, people carry their clothes for the occasion. For example, if you are heading to a rooftop summer party then you may want to pack a summer jumpsuit for women.

Spring Clothes in NYC

If you are traveling to New York City in the spring, be prepared for some crazy weather. One day it will be warm and the next it will be cold and rainy. Basically, you will have to be prepared for everything when visiting the city during the spring.

While you can wear lighter clothing in the spring, it still is better to wear layers. Lightweight pants that are easy to rollup are a good idea. For example, ripped jeans for women are a good option because they are breezy, lightweight, but still offer enough coverage in case you get cold. Take a light sweater and a hat with you when you go outside just in case you get cold.

Summer Clothes in NYC

Summer in NYC tends to be muggy, humid, and hot. You will spend a lot of time walking outside, visiting parks, and enjoying street food. To stay comfortable, wear shorts and pack some lightweight pants for later. Tank tops are a good idea and are easily paired with a denim jacket with chains and ripped jeans.

Sundresses, skirts, and jumpsuits are great too. These options are easy to take from day to night, which is a must when visiting the city.

Fall Clothes in NYC

If you visit in the fall, you will have crisp, cool air. Fall looks are fashionable when visiting NYC. Wear a sweater, a lightweight jacket, and a good pair of sneakers. Find a cute hat to finish off the look. Add a bright accessory, such as a colorful scarf, to keep you warm. Jeans are always a good idea in the fall because they are stylish and will keep you warm.

Winter Clothes in NYC

If you plan on visiting NYC from December to March, then you will need to dress very warm. Pack your winter jacket, a heavy scarf, and gloves. Plan on taking your coat off when you go into a bar or museum because it will be warm. Underneath your jacket wear a statement sweater paired with black tailored jeans. Don’t forget your warm winter boots.

NYC Skyline

Stay Trendy While Visiting NYC

If you are planning on visiting NYC soon, pack a few statement pieces along with your travel capsule wardrobe. Wear layers so you can take off clothes as you get warm and put on clothes as you get cold. Don’t forget to pack your bag full of everything you need for the day! The easiest things to wear or pack are outfits that go from day to night, like jumpsuits with cute accessories.