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Types of Jumpsuits and Where They Came From

Jumpsuits are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing on the planet. They look good on all body shapes and sizes. Whether you are heading to work, going out on the town, or running errands during the day, summer jumpsuits for women are always a good choice. 

Do you know the names of the different types of jumpsuits? Each type has its own name. When you are shopping, you will know exactly what kind of jumpsuit you want by understanding the differences between the various styles.

Woman in Black Jumpsuit

Boiler Jumpsuits

The boiler jumpsuit came into style during WWII. It is a loose style that covers the body in fabric. It originated during WWII because the fabric protected factory workers and manual laborers from hazards while on the job. 

Today, boiler jumpsuits typically have tapered legs, side pockets, and details around the waist. When you want something comfortable or to cover up a bit, then boiler jumpsuits are a good option. They come in nylon, denim, and other types of fabric. Pair them with sneakers for a casual look.

Culotte Jumpsuits

Culottes were originally worn by upper-class men in the early 19th-century. They were a pair of pants that stopped right below the knee. Today, culotte jumpsuits mimic their 19th century origins by ending two to four inches below the knee. They come in sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long sleeve versions. Wear them with heels, loafers, sneakers, or flats.

Flared Jumpsuits

Sailors in the early 19th century started wearing flare pants. The style was adopted by the British Royal Navy who made them part of their official uniform. The flare style was so popular because they are easily rolled up, which made them functional for the sailors.

You can find all types of flared jumpsuits today. Some have more flare than others, so it depends on your preference. When you wear the flare jumpsuit, make sure to pair them with a sexy heel for a balance of chic and sophistication.


Also known as rompers, this clothing became popular in the early 1900s. They are easy to move and run around in, which is why they were originally made for children. You can find playsuits today made of satin and silky finishes. They are easily dressed up for evening parties or dressed down for a casual lunch with your friends.

Sweatshirt Jumpsuits

The sweatshirt originated in 1926 and was made by a football player. Benjamin Russell Jr. wanted something comfortable to wear for practice, so he invented the sweatshirt. Now, you can get a sweatshirt and jumpsuit all in one. These jumpsuits typically have an attached hoodie and side pockets. Wear them with heels, sneakers, or boots.

Tee Jumpsuits

The t-shirt was invented in the 19th century, sometime between 1898 and 1913. The U.S. Navy started using them as undershirts during the Mexican-American War. It wasn’t until after WWII that people started wearing t-shirts as regular clothes instead of undershirts.

Now, t-shirt jumpsuits are a comfortable piece of clothing for spring, summer, and fall. Pair it with a denim jacket or leather jacket. They are one of the best party jumpsuits for women because they are so versatile.

Wide Leg Jumpsuits

Since the 1920s and 1950s, the wide-leg pant has been a fashion staple in women’s wardrobes. The trend began as a silky lounge pant by celebrities when they were at home. Typically, these satin, silky loungewear was paired with a matching tunic.

Today, wide-leg jumpsuits make their mark with various necklines and sleeve lengths. Pair them with heels, sneakers, or wedges. 

Blazer Jumpsuits

Blazers started around 1825 in Cambridge. They were typically worn at boat clubs while playing tennis, cricket, boating, or hanging out by the sea. Later, blazers became popular in the 1960s and 1970s in London. This popularity spread to America and we still have blazers as a popular trend today.

When you need to dress up for work but still want to be comfortable, blazer jumpsuits are a good option. Pair them with heels for a sophisticated look. 

Cape Jumpsuits

The earliest instance of the cape goes back to 1066. There are drawings of women in the 1300s wearing a cape as well. Over the years, capes have evolved. Today, you can buy a jumpsuit with a cap. If you want to wear a jumpsuit but need a little coverage, a cape jumpsuit is a perfect option. Most come with a v-neckline so they are sexy. Pair with stilettos or a pair of your favorite pumps.

Denim Jumpsuits

Denim came to the United States in the mid-19th century. Jacob W. Davis made the first pair of denim pants in 1873. Denim was used for uniforms because they were so durable. Today, denim is available in jumpsuit style. These jumpsuits look good on all ages, shapes, and sizes because denim is such a forgiving fabric. Denim jumpsuits go with sneakers, heels, wedges, and flats, pretty much all types of shoes.

Overall Jumpsuits

Overalls appeared in the 1750s as a form of formal clothing. Farmers started wearing them in the 1930s during the Great Depression because they were affordable and functional piece of clothing. Today, you can wear pretty much anything under overalls. Wear a t-shirt, crop top, tank top, or a bandeau top. If it gets cold, throw a cardigan or sweater over top. 

Overall jumpsuits go well with any type of shoes. Pair them with sneakers, heels, wedges, or flats.

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What Type of Jumpsuit is Your Favorite?

Now that you understand the different types of jumpsuits and where they came from, you can choose your favorite few to add to your closet. Whether you want lace jumpsuits for women, party jumpsuits for women, or sexy jumpsuits for women, Bon Bini has the right outfit for you. Check out all the options today!