Timeless Trends: Defending Skinny Jeans in 2021

Timeless Trends: Defending Skinny Jeans in 2021

Whether you are a millennial or gen z-er, you have probably heard that skinny jeans are out of style now. While trends are constantly shifting, jeans in general have and will always be a staple of any wardrobe. So, when you really think about it, how much of a difference is there between skinnies and any other style?

There are plenty of ways to style and wear skinny jeans for women without feeling tasteless or out-of-style. And, at the end of the day, the best jeans for women are whatever makes you feel the most confident and like yourself as you can be.

TikTok: The Ultimate Trend-Setter


TikTok has completely taken over fashion—and we’re not mad about it (most of the time). Whatever generation you are a part of, you’ve definitely heard of the “war” between millenials and gen-z. Rather than defending the ridiculousness of the whole event, we’ll take a moment to point out two common goals—comfort and sustainability.

You may or may not have heard of the term micro-trend: “a micro-trend is one that quickly rises in popularity and falls even faster.” TikTok brings a lot of creative ideas to the table, but when a trend falls “out of style” in less than a year, clothing production and the environment get into a bad mix.

The good news? The best jeans for women are those that can be repurposed and given new life without being tossed in the trash. Skinny jeans for women can and should be worn.

Wear What Fits You

One thing everyone can also agree on is the need to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. If that’s baggy jeans, great! Want a more form-fitting look? Who’s stopping you! We say wear whatever you want for however you’re feeling—don’t let trends define how you feel about yourself.

Want to rock skinny jeans for women but aren’t quite sure how to make them fit in with the current trends? We can help.

Making Skinnies Fashionable

Making Skinnies Fashionable

Skinny jeans for women are truly timeless if worn right, and there are many ways you can do so

Work with silhouettes. Not sure what that means? Think of the outline of your outfit—if you have “small pants” on the bottom, you may want a “big shirt” on top. Oversized blazers, t-shirts, etc. can all balance the look to make it more cohesive. 

Mix a casual “boyfriend” button-down for a high-end, business-casual look. On the other hand, for a slim-fit look, pair the best jeans for women with a super trendy corset—either a chic, low-cut pushup for a night out, or a flowery, lace-up top for a more girl-next-door vibe. 

Take a high-fashion approach with denim-on-denim. Pair your favorite pair of neutral colored skinny jeans for women (i.e. black, white, etc.) and pair it with a fringe denim jacket or a denim jacket with chains. Go even bolder and pair it with a classic bluewash.

Skinny Jean Trends in 2021

Skinny Jean Trends in 2021

Of course, it’s just as important to wear the right cut, wash, style, etc. of skinny jeans for women to make sure you get the look right for the current in-fashion trends.

 Who What Wear lists 5 different types of the best jeans for women you can wear if you want to rock your best-self in some skinnies:

  1. Slim-Straight: These jeans fit like skinnies at the top, but then leave room at the ankle. These still give the feel and up-top appearance of skinny jeans for women while providing a bit of that trending looseness where it matters most.
  2. Bunched-Up: This may sound odd, but leaving some space for bunching around the knees and especially the ankles gives the appearance of a looser-fitting jean without sacrificing the complimentary form fit.
  3. Classic Blues: The classic, deep, rich blues of past decades are back, and provide a wonderful pop of color to neutral or even loud-colored fits. Wearing classic bluewash skinny jeans for women makes for a perfect compromise of trends.
  4. Cold Ankles: Cropped skinnies look looser fitting, but wear the same as any pair of skinny jeans for women. These are a perfect look to wear during the summer to look and feel a whole lot cooler.
  5. Unique Hems: Making skinny jeans for women work in 2021 is all about making that tight-ankle fresh and eye-catching. Opting for a unique ankle hemline, such as a large slit or flowing fringe, can spice up any outfit.

Skinny Jean Trends in 2021

Celebs Rock Skinnies Then and Now

In a look-back on all of the early 2000s and the celebs who rocked the skinny jean trend, Cosmopolitan says, in defense of skinnies in 2021, that:

“We might be in different life stages now, and fashion is always changing - that's part of why we love it so much. But the thing is, you shouldn't feel like you have to stop wearing something you love just because the internet pressures you to.”

But some celebs have taken a new approach to the classic and are revitalizing the trend from the ground up. Katie Holmes wore dramatically slitted skinny jeans for women with a long, black statement coat and heeled black booties, and she looked stunning. And, as Who What Wear points out:

“Given the popularity of the slit-hem leggings trend this year, we're not all that surprised that skinny jeans are the next iteration of the trend.”

Celebs Rock Skinnies

These “business” jackets make for an excellent, modern silhouette—one that works flawlessly with skinny jeans for women. They also go great with your favorite pair of heels to complete the look. Not a fan of heels? Swap them out for a chunky statement boot instead. Want to rock skinny jeans for women during the summer? Store away the big coat and pair it with some breathable knit items for an on-trend look.

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