Man Wearing Tracksuit

The Velour Tracksuit: Trending Comfortable

Juicy Coutre got the velour lounge set into the hands of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Rhianna. But do you know where tracksuits came from? What about what velour was used for before the 1970s? We’ll take you on a fascinating journey of a couch fabric turned into high fashion. 

1970s Fashion

Tracksuits hit mainstream fashion during the 1970s. Velour loungewear became a staple for both women and men. Did you know that before the 1970s velour was mostly used as fabric for drapes and couches? Then came the tracksuit design.

Tracksuits were made for runners so they could stay warm before a race. Televised athletics were everywhere, so everyone was watching the celebrity athletes wear tracksuits before their big race. The tracksuit transitioned to everyday fashion through the hobby of jogging. The trend got even bigger in the 80s.

Hip-Hop and the 80s

Rap and hip-hop were popular in the 80s. Hip-hop in the South Bronx had a lot of Adidas-inspired tracksuits. The trend also turned into windbreakers for a brief amount of time. The shellsuits were made out of nylon and only stayed around a few years during the 80s. However, that was long enough for some of us to get some embarrassing school pictures.

The 1990s: Back to Basics

During the 90s, singers, rappers, and celebrities wore tracksuits in the fabric that originally made them popular in the 70s, velour. Juicy Couture was big during this time as they offered high-end tracksuits. Sporty Spice from Spice Girls and Rapper Jay Z were some of the more popular celebrities sporting a tracksuit during the 90s.

Man Wearing Tracksuit

2000s Full on Velour

The year 2000s had everyone wearing velour lounge sets. From Raper Missy Elliot to Playboy bunnies. The Sopranos was big during this time, which had the main character — Tony Soprano — wearing a velour tracksuit for most of the show. The tracksuit translated to real life as well. Real-life mobster John Gotti Jr. spoke from prison in 2009 while wearing a brown velour tracksuit.

Nas wore a bright orange tracksuit for the cover of his album Stillmatic. It turns out Nas’s best friend was buried in a FILA tracksuit, so it was important to Nas to wear a tracksuit on his album cover.

As reality television got bigger, the velour loungewear got bigger. Keeping up with the Kardashians brought velour loungewear sets to mainstream television. Shortly before the show premiered, Baby Phat created a woman’s brand from Phat Farm. 

Baby Phat created rhinestone-covered pink tracksuits as their main product. Young women wanted to feel sexy, so Baby Phat wanted to create something sensuel, fitted, and feminine. It seems Baby Phat first created the women’s tracksuit and Juicy Couture followed.

It wasn’t until 2001 that Juicy Couture debuts their tracksuit. The founders, Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy, wanted to create a whole empire out of the brand. The founders worked on building relationships with stylists and celebrities. They attended award shows and got their products into gifts at these shows. 

The Juicy Couture office kept up with who was wearing their velour lounge sets and what celebrities were not wearing their products. To keep track of the celebrities, an employee would buy tabloids and cut each celebrity out. They had images of J.Lo going to the gym, Madonna taking her kids to the park, and Gwyneth Paltrow getting coffee. 

However, not all celebrity sightings meant they were good sightings. Mariah Carey was wearing a tracksuit during her nervous breakdown and the murderess Patrizia Reggiani wore a tracksuit to her ex-husband’s funeral, which was the ex-husband she murdered.

Jennifer Lopez was the original pop star to sport a pink hoodie and matching pants. She loved to “chill and hang out in” it so much that she used it during her “I’m Rea” music video.

By 2002, Juicy spread their tracksuits to the red carpet, which included actress Lindsay Lohan. Remember her green tracksuit, skinny scarf, and sandals? If that doesn’t scream early 2000s fashion I don’t know what does.

In 2003, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton starred in their reality show called “The Simple Life.” The pair frequently wore tracksuits or pieces of their tracksuits.

In 2004, Britney Spears gave all of her bridesmaids matching velour tracksuits when she secretly got married to Kevin Federline. While Britney was ready for her wedding, she wore a velour tracksuit that said “Mrs. Federline.”

In October of 2007, the Kardashians really set themselves apart. Kim Kardashian used to be Paris Hilton’s personal assistant. Through a series of, uh, accidental personal videos released, Kim Kardashian gained celebrity status. One of Kim Kardashians’ most famous pictures is before the 2007 VMAs where she is posing on a Range Rover in her pink velour tracksuit. Who was she going to meet that night at the VMAs? Yup, Kanye West.

Today’s Velour Loungewear Set

Since the tracksuit was so popular, it trickled down to department stores and became reasonably priced. You can now find good quality velour loungewear set sales at reasonable prices. Will the tracksuit stick around? In 2014, Juicy was reported to close all of its stores in the United States.

Woman Working From Home


However, in March 2015, Juicy planned to reboot their velour tracksuits. By 2017, they hired celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi as their creative director. Since we are all working from home now, there is a good chance the velour loungewear is here to stay. If you are looking for a velour loungewear set sale online, check out Bon Bini today! Be comfortable, stylish, and feel the nostalgia of working from home in your velour tracksuit.