The Freshest Ways to Wear Jeans in the Summer

The Freshest Ways to Wear Jeans in the Summer

When you think about wearing jeans in the summer, it might seem impossible. After all, high temperatures + high waist jeans = no bueno. Luckily, there are some high waist jeans for women that work well for the summertime. These tend to be looser in fit and have a longer length so they can combat high temps while still looking stylish!

A two-piece pants set outfit is also something you should consider when it comes to wearing. With these 11 tips, you will have no problem staying cool and looking trendy all simultaneously! 

1. Pair Your Denim Pants with a Button-Down Shirt. 

Just because high waist jeans for women may seem a little odd doesn't mean that they can't leave you with a refined look! Try putting on high-waisted shorts paired with an oversized button-down shirt or top that is flowy and lightweight. This will leave you looking stylish and feeling fabulous. A crisp white dress shirt is perfect for high waist jeans for women.

If you want to opt for a unique style, try adding a chambray shirt to the look! Opting for high-rise denim pants ensures that you will be comfortable and stylish during the hot summer months. 

2. Try Out Jean Shorts

If you want to keep things casual but still show off some skin, put on a pair of cropped jean shorts instead of regular-length ones. This will leave your legs free to breathe without showing too much skin. This way, you can still have the beauty of jeans without sucking in all that summer heat! 

3. Wear Fashionable Sneakers 

If high-top sneakers are more your style, then go for it! It's okay to mix high and low when it comes to footwear. You can still wear high waist jeans with boots or heels, though if that is the look you prefer! Remember that footwear means a lot when picking out the right two-piece pants set during the summer! 

4. Wear Your Jeans with a Blazer 

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't still look professional! Throw on your high-waisted jeans along with an elegant blazer and some heels to make this outfit work for both the office or even happy hour. Paired with the fitting blazer, you can create an outfit that can transition seamlessly from day to night! 

5. Go Bohemian

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If high-waisted jeans aren't your style, then try something a little more bohemian and untraditional. Try putting on a cute pair of high-waisted shorts paired with an oversized shirt or top that is flowy and lightweight for the summertime! This style will be sure to draw in some double-takes from the men. 

6. Try on a Two-Piece Pants Set

This is an easy way to look stylish during the day or night. High waist jeans for women matched with a matching top can allow you more options when it comes to what type of top you want to wear underneath and how many layers you will need for warmth! 

Typically, you can get custom-styled two-piece pants set directly from the vendor or simply pair a top that works well with your jeans. If you choose to go the second route, you can create a variety of different looks.

7. Add a Patterned Cardigan 

There are high-waisted cardigans made especially for high waist jeans! If the weather is too warm to wear high-waisted pants, but you still want to look stylish, then try throwing on a lightweight patterned sweater instead. This is an excellent way to look stylish and could even be paired with high-waisted shorts for a unique look. 

A high-waisted cardigan can also work well if you want to wear high waist jeans but don't feel comfortable showing off your legs! With this type of outfit, the beauty is in the details. High-waist pants allow you to show off accessories and a perfect pedicure.

8. Wear Your Denim with a Crop Top 

This high-waisted crop top will leave your body feeling free and breezy while still showing off some skin. Plus, many high waist jeans for women are versatile enough to be worn both high or low on the waistline! 

Having a crop top is excellent for high-waisted jeans because it allows you to show off the shape of your waist. Not to mention, you can show off more skin while still keeping it classy by pairing high waist jeans with a crop top. 

9. Layer Your Look 

You can also try layering your look with tops that work for both the office and a casual night out! A high waist jean top can be paired with just about anything, including crop tops and denim jackets. The high-waist pants are perfect if you're looking to have an outfit that is versatile enough for daytime functions as well as nighttime events.

10. Try on Boot-Cut Jeans

Boot cut high-waisted jeans can be just as cool and stylish when paired with the right top! Boot cut high-waisted jeans are a high-waisted style of jeans with a unique curve in the final cut. They can be tight at the waist and flare out towards the ankles for a more fitted look, or they may have rips in them to show off some skin. 

11. Try a Denim Jacket 

Wearing a denim jacket high-waisted can give your high waist jeans a more feminine look. Since high-waisted denim jackets typically hit around the stomach, it will make your high waist pants less form-fitting and tighter looking. 

The Freshest Way to Wear Jeans in the Summer

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When the high temperatures hit, it might seem like you only have two options: high waist jeans or shorts that leave you showing too much skin. Luckily, there are tons of high-waist jeans for women out there who want to keep their fashion sense while staying comfortable! As always, be sure to check out our stock of high waist jeans for women here at Bon Bini!