Two Piece Skirt Set

The Best Ways to Style Matching Sets

Two piece matching sets are some of the most comfortable, versatile, and eye-catching clothes you can wear this summer. You may think you will be limited to only a few different styles—how many different ways can you wear them?

 Sexy, comfy, business-casual—here are the best ways you can rock it.

Get a Unique Summer Look

As we crawl out of the pandemic for our return to a fun and hopefully normal summer, we have to get out of our pajamas and daw our heat-friendly looks once again, especially the dreaded jean shorts.

Woman have started to call out the travesty that is jean shorts—Cosmopolitan lists 7 reasons why they are so annoying:

  1. They sag around the waist
  2. They don’t fit your behind correctly
  3. Constant thigh-chafing
  4. Always riding up
  5. Cutting waistbands
  6. They wrinkle
  7. Visible panty lines

Jean shorts are tired and uncomfortable. Two piece matching sets for women are the perfect way to combat all of the problems jean shorts cause. With elastic, stretchy bottoms, you will find that they are way more forgiving than the alternative. They:

  • Stay in place without having to hike them up
  • Have a variety of lengths and cuts to fit your body shape
  • Are more flattering
  • Can be sized more easily to avoid squashed thighs
  • Are all-around more comfortable

Take on the Club with a Spark

Comfort doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing sexiness—whether you are going all out on a girls’ night or want to stand out at the club, a matching set is stunning and easy to style.

Party matching sets for women often come in bold colors, strikingly perfect for making your mark at any party. Compare them to your average little party dress—they’re cute, but they constantly run the risk of flashing everyone. Two piece pants sets provide all the sexiness of a tiny club dress without the risk of rolling up and exposing yourself—instead, standout in comfort and style with a matching set.

Go for Comfort

Did we mention that two piece sets for women are comfortable? You can rock it in almost any context. A lot of people have started working from home during the past year. Even if you haven’t, you still need some high-end, cute pajamas to come home to.

Velour lounge sets and loungewear are drop-dead gorgeous, giving you all the comfort of your old frumpy pj’s while still looking sexy and put-together. You can wear them working out, or during a sleepover at your next bachelorette party or casual night-in. Whatever you are looking for, comfortable matching sets are a must-have.

Attend Weddings with Flair

Refinery29 says that matching sets are “a way to look nice and dress up but without putting on a big party dress.” Wedding season is coming back with a vengeance—two piece sets for women provide a casual or dressed-up look perfect for any venue.

People Enjoying Party

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but often hot, humid, and itchy. Spare yourself the trouble of a dress in these conditions, and instead opt for a flowing two piece pants set that provides all of the fashion of a dress with functionality.

Two piece skirt sets can also provide a black-tie or casual look for any setting. They can easily be dressed up or down to match the occasion for fashion that doesn’t break the bank.

Shopping to Impress

The mall is often an unspoken place to show off your best looks. People go all out to show off, and two piece skirt and pants sets are a great way to join in on the fun without sacrificing a pleasant experience.

Two Piece Matching Set

Some of the sexiest, most attention-grabbing matching sets can be easily styled with tennis shoes and sneakers, perfect for walking longer distances while shopping. It’s also so easy to style—never worry about having to put a last-minute outfit together ever again.

Make it Business Casual

Did you know that you can wear your matching two piece sets to work as well? Styled appropriately, they are the perfect, versatile choice to wear on the job, out to dinner, or any venue you can think of.

Man Working On Laptop

Two piece pants and skirt sets flawlessly mix business casual and business professional. StylishlyMe says getting the best business-appropriate look is all about mixing elements of more formal business attire with more casual pieces in neutrals like black, gray, navy, brown, beige, and white. Once you have the base, you can add pops of color to spice it up.

Matching sets can be paired with the right business shoes, blazers, and more to give you a formal look without sacrificing style or personality. And, if the top or bottom of the two piece set doesn’t fit your job’s criteria, you can always swap it out for something more appropriate. Bottom line? They are versatile, and can be styled in a number of ways for a variety of unique looks.

Take it to the Bedroom

Don’t be afraid to use a velour lounge matching set for sexiness and comfort. Velour loungewear is way sexier than your average pajamas, but far more comfortable than any lingerie. You can wear them around the house and to bed in more ways than one, appealing to both your man and your relaxation 

The best part? Velour sets can also be worn out of the house without looking like a pajama set. They are incredibly versatile, and a great bang for your buck for a variety of looks.

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