Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to break out the other half of your closet. You’re in for a busy season—with friends to catch up with and fun activities to do, you’ll want to make sure you have clothes for every occasion

Outfits for the Classic Backyard Barbeque

Ah, barbeques—whether you’re with friends or family, gathering around the grill is the absolute quintessential summer gathering. What to wear, however, may be a challenge.

People Wearing Stylish Outfits

When in doubt, a loose fitting, flowy dress with sandals is always a good option. This can work with a group of friends for a casual meetup, or critical family members who want you to dress with the least skin showing.

Perhaps there are going to be kids at this barbecue—a dress may not make the cut. No one wants to deal with their skirt blowing up while bent over to pick up a baby. Instead, you can rock a pair of the best jeans for women and do all the barbeque activities you want, from football to cornhole.

Summer jumpsuits for women are another great way to impress. Even if you have to attend the dreaded work barbecue, you can dress it up appropriately to fit any setting. And, if someone you are interested in is attending, you can easily dress-to-impress with a party jumpsuit for women, or even a sexy jumpsuit for women.

On the Beach, at the Pool, or on a Boat

Summer is the time to get in the water and live it up. Beachside looks are often flowy, loose-fitting, and easy to rip off when it's time to hit the waves. Pairing some sweat shorts or light jean shorts with a button up or lace coverup can get you from your car to the sand easily. You can also easily apply this formula to your poolside gatherings.

People Enjoying At Boat

Party jumpsuits for women are the best way to dress up for the unique boat party. Especially towards the evening hours, boat parties are one of the best opportunities to show a little skin and get a bit wild. And, as the sun sets and cools off, you can warm up with a fringe denim jacket or a denim jacket with chains on back for a cozy-yet-sexy look.

Outdoor Music Festivals

It’s finally music festival season, and you couldn’t be more pumped. But finding the right balance between comfy and sexy feels completely impossible. Lace jumpsuits for women are lightweight, yet perfectly form-fitting for that perfect concert look. 

Two piece skirt sets, and two piece sets for women in general, are perfect for your day 2 look after your summer jumpsuit. And, if you’re staying in a hotel in-between concerts, relax with friends or your significant other in a velour lounge set and velour loungewear.

Dressing for an Outdoor Wedding in Any Dress Code

Summer season is wedding season, which means finding a bunch of classy, cute outfits for a bunch of different settings. Beach, forest, church, castle, black tie, semi-formal, casual—you may need a new outfit for every occasion. 

People Wearing Wedding Dresses

A two piece pants set or a two piece skirt set is a fantastic alternative to the average dress. And, summer jumpsuits for women are another great option, especially for an indoor semi-formal wedding.

Maybe you’re on the bridal team and your outfit has already been picked out. What about the bachelorette party? Whether you are the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, you can all wear matching velour lounge sets for the party and while getting ready on the big day.

Casual Ice Cream and Farmer’s Market Trips

Summer is all about fun outings you can do with your friends and significant other. An ice cream run after a day out at the mall or at work can easily be made more stylish with ripped jeans for women paired with some fun sandals and unique jewelry.

Maybe you’re headed out to the farmer’s market, and are looking for a cute, casual outfit to stand out in the crowd while fitting in with the atmosphere. On a cooler, rainy day, you can rock a fringe denim jacket for a cool look. And, for a comfy, put-together outfit, pair a fun patterned tank with some high waist jeans for women.

Summer Nightlife

After a long day of fun in the sun, you’re ready to embrace the summer nightlife. When you go out to your favorite bar, or to that hot new nightclub, dress yourself up with some sexy jumpsuits for women. These fits can easily be matched with a pair of gorgeous pumps and bold jewelry for a look that sparkles.

Ladies In Sexy Jumpsuits

Party jumpsuits for women can’t be beat, but tied for first are two piece skirt sets. These fits go a step above other fits—you can even wear them with some fishnet or other tights for an even sexier look.

Girl’s Day Out

But, before you can hit the town at night time, you’ll have to figure out what to wear during the day. You and your girls need an excuse to dress up in your best looks in fun and unique ways. Whether you’re out to brunch, tea, or the mall, pair your favorite funky-colored sneakers and glasses with a pair of skinny jeans for women. The best jeans for women can always be dressed for any occasion.

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