Jeans are in-fashion now more than ever—but styling them during the summer is difficult. How can you wear them without sweating and suffering in the heat? The best jeans for women should make you look and feel great. Here are the ways we’re styling women’s jeans this summer.

Lighter Colors and the Power of the Sun

Lots of people have heard that dark colors make you hotter, and not in a sexy-way. Why? Darker colors, especially black and dark blue, absorb sunlight and hold it far longer than other, lighter colors. Wear too many dark colors during the summer, and you’ll be baking in the heat.

If you are looking to stay cool, stay away from that end of the color spectrum. Instead, opt for light colors such as white, baby blue, etc. Jeans for women come in a variety of colors and washes, so getting a lighter shade may help beat the heat.

Women Wearing Skinny Jeans

Be bold—match a white pair of skinny jeans for women with a bright top to stand out in a crowd with a punch of personality. Or, get creative with double pastels—light even-wash blue jeans with light greens, blues, purples, etc. for a girl-next-door or cottage look.

Accessorize with the Right Summer Shoes

Is it even summertime without a pair of old cracked flip flops or chanclas? While these shoes are tried-and-true, they do not always make for the best fit. Investing in the right shoes for your taste and the weather is crucial to making the best jeans for women work this summer.

High Waist Jeans

Go for a twist on the girl-next-door look with these high waist jeans for women. These borderline capris match with any slip-on sandals or tennis shoes for a cool ankle, lowering temperatures and raising comfort.

Platforms are taking this season by storm. Platform boots were the main look of winter 2020, and can still be worn this summer with the right pair of shorts or skirt. But, matching boots with jeans in the summer may look off, and will definitely not give that cool, breezy look you might be going for. 

Instead, swap it out for a pair of platform sandals or heels. Go for an edgy look by pairing a black, strappy platform with a pair of ripped jeans for women. Or, dress up your favorite casual pair of high waist jeans for women with a daring platform heel.

Lightweight Clothes are Crucial

One of the most crucial aspects of any summer outfit or wardrobe are lightweight tops. Heavy-weighted clothes not only look wintery, but feel stuffy and confining when temperatures rise into the 90s and up, and humidity doesn’t help either.

Rather than bagging yourself down with heavy fabrics, Business Insider says that the right fabric weight is one of the best ways to stay comfortable even in the heat of summer.

Avoid heavy or stretch jeans, and instead swap them for jeans that hug your body just right without the extra material. As with any styles or trends, just pick what makes you feel good, look good, and live your best life, without sacrificing comfort or style.

Be Bold with a Bralette or Bodysuit

Summer is the season to show more skin—and feel comfortable doing it. Booty shorts are sexy and fun, but especially for thick-thighed women, they can definitely be a bit impractical and uncomfortable. Chafing is no joke.

Blue Skinny Jeans

Ditching your short shorts doesn’t mean you can’t still show yourself off. Go for a more top-focused reveal with a lace or plain bralette. A little shirt goes a long way, and these skinny jeans for women look hot on every body type, with a sexy boobalicious top to match.

Or, for a bit more coverage while still rocking the sexy look, wear a thin body suit that accentuates the good stuff. No matter the look you are going for, be your confident self and rock it.

What Vogue Has to Say About the Summer Jean Trend

Vogue has a lot to say about wearing jeans during the 2021 summer season. As the world gets back in motion, they claim that “denim possesses an evergreen quality,” and it’s easy to see why—with so many different fits, cuts, washes, etc., it is all but impossible for them to go out of style. The best jeans for women can be worn anytime, any season without feeling outdated.

One trend they point out that we already called out is white denim. With so many fun and easy ways to dress it up or down, it’s a perfect versatile pant, especially during the summer—“nothing spells polish quite like white denim.” 

Loose fitting styles with a modern twist provide max comfort and style. You don’t have to go full-baggy for that easy, casual look. Instead, opt for the mom-style high waist jeans for women.

Distressed, ripped jeans are also in full-swing. According to Vogue, designers showed off a multitude of fresh distressed denim styles, and baggy, skinny and ripped jeans were all in the mix.

Have you heard that skinny jeans are out-of-style? Not to Vogue— “Skinnies live on: the demise of skinny jeans has been declared more than once, but designers beg to differ.” 

Want to wear your jeans a different way? Vogue claims that denim corsets are on the table. Or, if that’s not your style, you can always instead go for a denim jacket with chains instead. 

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