Stand Out in Your Sexy Jumpsuit

Stand Out in Your Sexy Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits can be dressed up for elegant evening parties, dressed down and worn for casual events, or worn as loungewear around the house. Before you decide which jumpsuit to buy, there are some things you need to know. 

If not worn correctly, jumpsuits can make you look shorter or wider than you actually are. Also, if not accessorized correctly, the jumpsuit can swallow you up and make you look sloppy.

How do you wear them so you stand out for the right reasons? We created a simple guide so you can look your best while wearing your favorite jumpsuit.

Define Your Waist

The most important thing to remember when wearing sexy jumpsuits for women is to define the waist. Most jumpsuits come with a cloth belt, but you can also accessorize with your own belt for a unique look. Choose a cloth belt to accentuate your waist without drawing too much attention to the accessory. On the other hand, a bold belt draws attention to your waist and pulls the look together. If you decide to wear a bold belt, choose a clutch that is neutral in color or not as bold so the belt and clutch don’t clash.

Tying a belt around your waist adds a feminine feel to the jumpsuit while bringing out your curves. Don’t be afraid to play with different accessories to find the right look.

Pair Heels With Your Jumpsuit

Wear a pair of high heels with your jumpsuit. This is especially true if you are wearing a wide-leg jumpsuit. The only exception to this is if you are going for a casual look for a day at the beach, then you can wear sandals or something more comfortable. 

Heels create the illusion of long legs and keep the bottom of the jumpsuit from bunching and dragging on the ground. If you do wear sandals or flats and the jumpsuit bunches up, you will look sloppy and not put together. It will also make you look shorter and wider than you really are.

The best heel is one that is thin and high. Stay away from clogs, wedges, or anything else with a thick heel. You want to create an elongated look and shoes with a thick heel make the whole outfit look chunky.

Wear a Blazer

Add dimension to your party jumpsuits for women when you add a blazer. Blazers are versatile and can be dressed up or down. Also, the blazer will add personality to your look.

While it adds a layer, the blazer also makes the jumpsuit look more subtle. If you need to dress up your jumpsuit, opt for a more formal black tuxedo blazer to pair with your jumpsuit.

Another thing to remember when choosing a blazer is to choose tones that contrast with your jumpsuit. For example, black and white pair well together and create nice contrasting looks. 

Choose a Solid Color Jumpsuit

If you are just starting to wear sexy jumpsuits for women, choose solid colors to make you more confident. Colors such as navy or black are good choices. For those who are more daring, choose jumpsuits that have bright colors and patterns. 

The most important thing is to let your individual personality shine through. Even if you choose a solid color, it doesn’t mean your jumpsuit has to be boring. A solid-colored jumpsuit with cutouts in the shoulder, sides, or legs can have a stunning effect on almost any body type.

Make Sure the Jumpsuit Fits

When shopping for party jumpsuits for women, find a jumpsuit that fits comfortably on your body. If you choose a jumpsuit that is too loose, you will lose your figure completely and your body will be swallowed up by the fabric. If the jumpsuit is too tight, then you might be uncomfortable.

Unique Fashion Clutch

Accessorize Your Jumpsuit

The wrong accessories will make you look sloppy and unstylish. The right accessories will create a chic look and pull the outfit together. Since we covered belts and shoes, the next accessory we will talk about is jewelry. 

Chunky Silver Necklace Accessory


You want bold, dramatic jewelry that will stand out from your jumpsuit. If you choose a solid black jumpsuit and want to create a romantic look, choose jewelry that is fuschia and chunky. For a more classic look, choose gold jewelry.

Don’t forget your clutch! A simple clutch can tie your outfit together. If you need a pop of color, choose a bold-colored clutch, such as a neon snakeskin bag. For a more subtle look, choose a neutral color such as beige or cream. Make sure it complements your jumpsuit and doesn’t clash or get washed out.


What are you going to do with your hair? Up, down, or somewhere in between? There is no one rule on how you should wear your hair with a jumpsuit. However, there are a few things you should know that will make your hair choice easier.

If you want a more relaxed feel, wear your hair down in loose beach waves. A low, loose ponytail also works well for a more casual look. If your sexy jumpsuits for women show more skin on the shoulders then wearing your hair down tends to balance out the look.

When you want a more formal look, try a polished updo. This is especially true if your jumpsuit has a higher neck. The updo will elongate your neck and you will also avoid overwhelming your shoulders with coverage. 

Jumpsuits are Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you are looking for party jumpsuits for women or sexy jumpsuits for women, this piece of clothing is so versatile you will be glad it is in your closet. Dress it up for an evening party or go casual for running errands during the day. Either way, jumpsuits are the perfect piece of clothing that every woman should have in her closet.