Spring Trends to Wear

Spring Trends to Wear

Spring trends will continue to be comfortable and sexy. Since the fall and winter trends have been more knit, slippers, and sweats. For spring, you will notice sexier clothes, sheer fabrics, and more revealing outfits. When you do get the chance to go out, dress in your best and enjoy your time. 

Simple Separates

Simple separates include relaxed trousers and blazers. It is a classic trend that can be worn in many different situations. Simple separates include velour loungewear. The loungewear comes in classic colors and will keep you cool when the spring heat finally arrives. Whether you want long sleeves, short sleeves, long pants, or shorts. The combination can create many different combinations of looks.

Sheer Fabrics 

Sheer, transparent pieces are on-trend for spring. Pair a sheer blouse over a bralette of the same color. To change it up a bit, wear a brightly colored bralette under a sheer blouse. This is perfect for going out to clubs, shopping during the day, and date night. 

Sheer fabric doesn’t have to be on the top. Spring trends include skirts as well. The skirts are usually darker on the top and sheer on the bottom. It is like wearing a mini skirt but still have a sheer piece of fabric on the bottom for a unique look.

Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts are perfect for any body type. Whether you opt for a high waisted skirt or a wrapped dress, you will find them in varying lengths and colors. Wrap skirts are also versatile to wear in the office or while you are out shopping.


Patchwork pieces were hot on the runway and they will be hot in street trends as well. The pieces are inspired by people coming together this past year. Find a patchwork outfit that speaks to you to let your style shine.

Patchwork Fabric


Since everyone has been stuck inside the past year, fashion is making clothes interesting again. One way of doing this is by screenprints. Screenprints are like wearing art and can be put on anything. Look for shirts, pants, and dresses covered in screenprint. Find something that speaks to you and show it off through your clothes. The bright colors and pops of art will lift your spirits after being inside all winter.

Casual Suits

Suits are always in, but this year they have a more casual look. Pair casual suits with a crop top, relaxed bottoms, or even the vintage polo shirt in your closet that you haven’t worn in years. The relaxed fit shows the trend still is comfort but paired with trendier pieces like a crop top means it is a fresh look for the year.


Spring will bring leather into new pieces this year. You will notice leather in maxi skirts, suits, and sexy mini dresses. Leather is also available in all colors, such as brighter hues, classic black, and earthy colors. Don’t be afraid to wear an entire outfit of leather, just make sure the colors match to create a cohesive look.

Knee Highs

Knee highs are coming back so dust off your old socks. Knee highs are the perfect transition piece because they can be worn with shorts or skirts. If it is a little cold out but you still want to look hot, just put on some knee highs. They come in all types of fabrics, from knits to transparent fabrics, so you are sure to find the right pair to go with your outfit.

Knee High Knit Socks

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans for women are in style for the spring. Whether you opt for low-rise pants or high-waisted denim, rips are still in. Low-rise pants are trying to make their comeback, which gives early 2000s vibes, but we probably won’t see the extent of Christina Aguilera circa 2000 low.

House Slippers

We can’t leave everything from last behind, which is why house slippers are still on the list. But these aren’t your parents’ slippers. House slippers are perfect for indoor-outdoor versatility. This year, look for slippers that turn heads. They come in new patterns, added accessories, and different fabrics. Whether you want slip on, sandals, or traditional slippers, you will find the perfect slipper to go with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear your slippers outside of the house and on the town because you will see them matched with dresses this spring.

Modern Black Dress

The black dress gets an upgrade. Watch for black dresses with cutouts for a sportier look or sleek, black gowns. A maxi dress with a scoop neckline is perfect to go from day to night. Pair the modern black dress with strappy heels for a sexy look or gladiator sandals for a more casual look.


Knits are still big because people are still working from home. While knits are comfortable, they are also stylish. Look for pastel colors, such as mint green, soft pink, or a classic cream color. Knits will be in suits, separates, and even maxi dresses. Stay comfortable with knits as the weather transitions.

Oversized Jackets

Remember shoulder pads? They’re back. Look for oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets for an 80s inspired look. Tighten the jacket at your waist with a belt to make your legs look longer. Straight leg pants will pull this look together. You will find these jackets in many colors such as charcoal, powder blue, and neutrals.

Black Face Masks

Black face masks are still in. Stay protected and look chic by wearing your black face mask. Black goes with pretty much anything, which is why it is trending. If you want to make it your own style, add some of your own embellishments. 

Spring Trends to Get Your Hands On

Velour jumpsuits, ripped jeans, and sexy jumpsuits for women are among the trends that will be hot this year. Watch for an upgraded black dress, knee high socks, and casual suits to complete your wardrobe.