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Jumpsuits are the Hot Trend for the Summer

Party jumpsuits for women are everywhere and for good reason. They are comfortable, fashionable, and are perfect year-round. At one company, jumpsuit sales have gone up 70 percent. Furthermore, searches for party jumpsuits for women are up 46 percent. 

One of the draws to jumpsuits is we don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what goes together and what doesn’t. Jane Fonda’s stylist said that jumpsuits are “the epitome of a modern woman’s wardrobe.”

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The variety of jumpsuits means there is a style for everyone. Choose from a modern look or a more pulled-together look with a belt. 

History of the Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit was first invented by the artist Thayat in Florentine in 1919. The original purpose of the jumpsuit was for race car drivers, parachuting, and professionals in aviation. The jumpsuit was anti-bourgeois because it was easy to make and wear.

The jumpsuit was commonly used during wartime. Women who worked in factories wore jumpsuits because they were doing dangerous work. Women couldn’t wear dresses at work during this time because they were working with factory equipment so jumpsuits were the safest option.

Over the years, many celebrities have worn jumpsuits that made statements. Liza Minelli and Diana Ross regularly wore them at Studio 53. Mick Jagger wore a jumpsuit in the 60s that had metal rings on it. The rings heated up from the stage lights and ended up burning his skin.

Farrah Fawcett wore a silky green jumpsuit in the 1970s movie Charlie’s Angels. Anneka Rice wore tracksuit versions of the jumpsuit. Cher loves to wear jumpsuits and regularly wears them on and off stage.

Today’s Jumpsuits

Today, jumpsuits are worn for every occasion. Sexy jumpsuits for women are perfect for formal evening wear, party jumpsuits for women are great casual pieces for any type of party, and summer jumpsuits for women are perfect for shopping around town. 

Jumpsuits easily substitute dresses. If you don’t feel like wearing a dress, for any reason, but still need to dress up then choose a jumpsuit.

Brides are even jumping on the trend and asking for jumpsuits instead of wedding gowns. Whether you wear the bridal jumpsuit as your main dress or switch to it during the reception, you will look glamorous in your outfit.

Jumpsuits for the Future

When you wear a jumpsuit, it can feel powerful. You can do anything while wearing this piece of clothing. You don’t have to worry about a skirt flying up, you can climb a tree, fix a car, run after your kid, and don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone if you forget to cross your legs.

Jumpsuits provide the freedom that other articles of clothing don’t offer. They are regularly associated with female empowerment, autonomy, and our love of style. A symbol of having it all in one.

How to Wear a Formal Jumpsuit

If you are attending a formal occasion and want to wear your jumpsuit, then there are a few things to keep in mind. Jumpsuits can definitely be substituted for dresses. Choose your favorite jumpsuit and have it tailored to your body. A well-tailored jumpsuit will be the difference between looking sloppy and looking sleek.

Wear high heels with your jumpsuit. Black heels go with pretty much anything, even a black jumpsuit. If you want to add color to a black jumpsuit then add some brightly colored heels and a matching purse. Another option is to wear a scarf to complement your shoes or purse. 

Keep accessories minimal if you are going for a more formal look. Wear a small chain necklace that has a small detail, such as a gem or a geometric shape. For earrings, wear a pair of chic hoops or studs.

How to Wear a Casual Jumpsuit

A relaxed, chic jumpsuit is perfect for a casual outing. Ditch the t-shirt and jeans and take your style to the next level with a jumpsuit. Find a looser jumpsuit that has a drawstring waist because these are flattering on all body types.

If you want to weather flats with your outfit, choose a lace-up sandal that goes up above the ankle to balance out the look. The lace-up sandals will lengthen your legs.

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What to Do with Your Hair

Do you wear your hair up, down, or halfway in between? There are no hard rules, but there are some guidelines to make the choice easier. When you are wearing a casual jumpsuit, choose to wear your hair down. The hair will add to the casual look. To make even more of a statement, do beach waves. A loose ponytail also goes well with a casual jumpsuit.

A polished updo goes well with a formal jumpsuit. The updo will lengthen your neck. Putting your hair up looks good with a jumpsuit that covers your neck and shoulders because it won’t overwhelm your shoulder region.  If your jumpsuit is the off-shoulder type then wear your hair down. This will balance out the look.

Tips for Choosing a Jumpsuit

Choose a wide-leg jumpsuit if you are tall. If you are shorter, choose a cropped, slim style. Complete the look with accessories, such as shoes, belts, jewelry, or any other accessories to add visual interest.

Create the Perfect Summer Look with a Jumpsuit

Whether you are heading to a party, formal event, or the beach, a jumpsuit is a perfect option. Make sure it is tailored to your body for a put-together look. Add more visual interest with accessories, shoes, and jewelry.