How to Wear Ripped & Skinny Jeans More Naturally

How to Wear Ripped & Skinny Jeans More Naturally

Do you love ripped and skinny jeans, but find yourself unsure of the perfect way to wear them? We understand completely! Ripped and skinny jeans are all the rage right now, and for good reason - they make you look effortlessly beautiful. But how do you style these trendsetting pieces? With these ten tips, it's easy!

Why Wear Ripped & Skinny Jeans?

Ripped jeans for women are so popular because they add a bit of edge to your look. You can wear ripped & skinny jeans for women with just about anything, and it's simple to change up the outfit based on what you're doing that day! At the end of the day, though, wearing these products is all about being stylish and feeling confident.

What to Wear with Ripped & Skinny Jeans?

Ripped and skinny jeans look great when paired simply with a basic tee or tank top, but they also add an edgy touch to your favorite blouse and heels. Look for ripped & skinny jeans for women that are slightly faded to give you a more comfortable look - ripped jeans for women will have multiple holes around the knees or can often feature strategically placed rips along the thighs.

Will Ripped Jeans Deteriorate Quicker? 

Ripped jeans are notorious for having a shorter lifespan, since after all, the rips can easily be made worse over time. In comparison, jeans without tears won't develop rips of their own easily, so they usually won't have this problem. When properly taken care of, though, ripped jeans can last just as long.

Tips for Wearing Ripped & Skinny Jeans for Women

If you want to wear skinny & ripped jeans for women, there are some pieces of advice that you should follow. Let's go ahead and break down what you need to know. 

1. Don't Overdo It!

Although ripped and skinny jeans are all about being edgy, don't go overboard with your outfit. For example, ripped jeans for women paired with a torn top, ripped jacket, and ripped shoes is just too much. Stick to one or two pieces of ripped clothing at most!

In addition, try to find skinny and ripped jeans for women that don't have too many rips on them. If it covers more than 20% of the jeans, this would be considered going overboard as a general rule of thumb! 

2. Try Different Styles

Mix and match ripped jeans with your favorite outfits. This way, you'll not only look great but you won't be stuck wearing ripped jeans the same way every day. Try different ripped skinny styles to see what works best with your wardrobe! Wear ripped and skinny jeans for women in a variety of ways to keep yourself looking fashionable all year long. 

3. Know the Proper Time & Place

Like other clothing styles, there is a proper time and place for wearing them and not wearing them. For best results, try wearing ripped & skin-tight pants when you're going for a casual look, but opt for more classic styles if it's a professional or more formal setting. Job interviews, as an example, are typically not a good occasion to wear ripped jeans. 

4. Great for Informal Nights Out

One of the great reasons to wear ripped and skinny jeans for women is that you can wear them when you're going out to a less formal setting. For example, ripped and skinny jeans are perfect for attending outdoor concerts or movies in the park!

5. Check for Comfort Too

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You don't have to sacrifice comfort for style when you wear ripped & skinny jeans. However, if you buy ripped jeans for women with too many rips, you can quickly start to sacrifice your comfort. For best results, opt for ripped jeans that have enough rips to add a more edgy look, but not so many that you're uncomfortable. Ripped and skinny jeans are only stylish if they don't sacrifice comfort!

6. Know Your Environment

You wouldn't go to a formal dance in tennis shoes and a t-shirt. At the same time, you shouldn't wear ripped jeans for women to an upscale event. Although ripped jeans for women have a bit of a bad reputation for being too casual, they look great on just about anyone who knows how to wear them properly. Consider what environment you will be in before deciding whether or not to wear ripped & skinny jeans for women! 

7. Pair with the Right Top & Shoes

Having the right shoes and top can really make or break your ripped & skinny jeans look. A basic tee with ripped jeans is easy to put together, but consider layering a blouse over the top for an even more stylish outfit! Try out different combinations with your shoes and tops to find a combination that is best for the look you want to create!

8. Don't Misuse Your Jeans!

If your ripped and skinny jeans are starting to get too ripped, it could be time to invest in a new pair. This can happen naturally as you begin to use your jeans more and more. For best results, be careful when putting your jeans on, taking them off, washing them, and so on. This will help you extend the life of your jeans!

Where Can You Buy Some Fashionable Ripped & Skinny Jeans for Women? 

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Wearing ripped & skin-tight pants shouldn't be stressful - especially when you have these great tips at hand! If you are interested in buying your own ripped jeans for women, we invite you to check out our inventory here at Bon Bini. After scrolling through our vast catalog, you'll find skinny and ripped jeans for women that will work perfectly with your wardrobe. Bon Bini is one of the best places to buy jeans for women, so check us out today!