How to Find Your Personal Style

Are you trying to find your personal style but don’t know where to start? Whether you are looking for the best jeans for women or how to style your fringe denim jacket, we have easy steps for you to follow to find your personal style.

Your style is a reflection of who you are, so what are you saying to the world? Personal style evolves over the years, but once you have a solid understanding of your style it is easier to put outfits together. It also makes shopping a lot easier.

What Does Personal Style Mean?

Personal style means how you express yourself, which can be through writing, art, or your clothing. Style isn’t limited to clothing, it also includes accessories, your hairstyle, and how you put an outfit together.

You don’t have to follow the latest fashion trends for your personal style. In fact, style may be timeless. Once you create your own aesthetic, people will remember the way you look but also your vibe. Before you put your style together, also think about how you want people to feel while they are around you.

First Things First

Before finding your style, you need to get rid of the old clothes in your closet. The average woman buys 68 pieces of clothing every year. Every year, women spend between $1,800 and $4,800 on clothing. How many pieces of clothing do you not wear? What if you could maximize your style so you love everything you have and can create stylish outfits with your clothing? That is the goal.


Don’t add any more clothing to your wardrobe without throwing some out first. While going through your clothes, toss anything that doesn’t fit properly, isn’t comfortable, or you haven’t worn in a while. If a piece of clothing has a stain on it then throw it out. If it doesn’t fit into what you want in the future, then throw it out. You get the idea. Don’t hold on to it because it will get lost in your closet and take up space.

Once you empty your closet and donated all your old clothes, it is time to move on to the next step.

Types of Style

Now that you have cleaned out your closet, it is time to think of what type of style you have. The following are the more popular and common styles.

  • Trendy, basic, tonal with bold accessories
  • Attractive, magnetic, emotive, flaunting
  • Soft, sensitive, gently, girly
  • Spirited, eclectic, whimsy, unique
  • Professional, polished, refined, sophisticated
  • Comfortable, simple, easy, casual

Easy Steps to Find Your Personal Style

These next steps will bring you closer to finding your personal style. Go through each one and write down what comes to mind. 

Fashion Inspiration

Do you have anyone close to you whose style you admire? Do you have close friends or family members who you look up to when it comes to fashion? Ask them where they shop and take notes on what you like about their look.

Find inspiration on social media. Do you like casual crop tops under fringe denim jackets? Or do you want party jumpsuits for women that are fashionable and functional? If you find a person or celebrity you admire on social media, find out who their stylist is and look to them for inspiration.

Magazines are another great resource when it comes to fashion inspiration. Look through a few different ones and take notes of what stands out to you.

Look in Your Closet

Since you cleaned out your closet, you should have only clothes you like left. What is your favorite item in your closet? Find that piece and pull it out. Take a look at it and think about what makes it your favorite. Is it comfortable? Do you like the color? 

If you can find a few of your favorite pieces in your closet then it is even better. Find what the pieces have in common with each other. Keep building your wardrobe around your favorite clothing pieces while keeping in mind the way they make you feel.

Inspiration Board

Now that you know your favorite clothing and have your inspiration ready, create a mood board. A mood board is basically a bunch of images that inspire you on a corkboard. Put colors, types of fabric, patterns, and pictures on your mood board to create your inspiration. Take a picture of the board before you leave the house so you know what you are looking for while you are out shopping.

Experiment with Style

Don’t forget to experiment while you are finding your personal style, you might find something new you love. If commonly wear dresses, try and find the best jeans for women and pair them with a cute top. The goal is to try on things you normally wouldn’t wear just to see if it is your style, or if you totally hate it. Either way, it will get you closer to finding your personal style.

Woman Wearing Black Shirt

Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is basic clothing that you can mix and match to create different looks. Some clothing in a capsule wardrobe includes a black dress, neutral t-shirts, a denim jacket, and a tan tote. These pieces make up the foundation of your wardrobe so you can build your inspired personal style off of these pieces.

Create Your Personal Style

Whether you want to add party jumpsuits for women or are searching for the best jeans for women, knowing your personal style will make your process much easier. You will know what to look for when you go to the store, your favorite brands, and your favorite fabric type. Best of all, it will be much easier to put an outfit together when you have clothes you love. Get started on your mood board and find inspiration for your personal style today!