Best Outfits for Traveling

Best Outfits for Traveling

Heading on a vacation soon? Are you wondering what to wear while you travel? It can be difficult because you don’t want to be cold, but you don’t want to be too hot. Next are the shoes. You want something cute and stylish, but you also don’t want your feet to hurt at the end of the day.

While there is no perfect travel outfit, there are outfits that will keep you comfortable while you travel. These typically include a soft t-shirt, a neutral cardigan or jacket, pants with some stretch, and stylish shoes. These are the bare basics so you can easily build your outfit around those items.

Before we head into the clothes, let’s talk about some travel tips to make your trip go smoothly.

Map With Passport and Camera

Travel Tips

Skim through travel tips before you start packing to help you be best prepared.

Take Only What You Need

When you leave your hotel take only what you need. This way, if something happens, you won’t lose everything. Don’t take more than one ATM or bank card with you. Keep the rest in the safe back at the hotel.

Copy Important Documents

Make copies of your important documents and email them to yourself. If you lose your phone, where you have the pictures stored, you can easily recover them via email.

Learn Basic Phrases

If you are traveling to a country that has a different native language then your own be sure to learn a few phrases before you leave. Important phrases include “hello,” “goodbye,” and “thank you.” Learn a few more phrases based on what you want to do on your vacation, such as “museum,” “hiking,” or “guided tour.”

Lineup Behind Business Travelers

If you see business travelers in a line then it is a good idea to line up behind them. Business travelers are experienced, they travel light, and are usually in a hurry. They go fast and have everything they need. The lines will go much faster. 

Visit Historical Sites at Lunchtime

For fewer crowds, visit historical sites at lunchtime. Many big tour groups take a break at lunchtime so there is a good chance you will get to see more with fewer people around.

Go Grocery Shopping

Not only is eating out every night expensive, but it gets old really quick. Find the nearest grocery store and pick up a few essentials. Get some bread and meat to make sandwiches, some snacks, and a few drinks to keep in your hotel room.

Carry a First-Aid Kit

A simple first-aid kit can go a long way. Take band-aids, ointments, and antibacterial cream in a small bag. The bag should easily fit in your purse or carry on. Make sure you have antihistamine medication just in case you have an allergic reaction.

Sewing Kit

Carry a small sewing kit in case your clothing gets snagged or torn. You can easily fix a small hole by sewing it together with a needle and thread. You will be surprised how much you use a sewing kit while on the go.

Best Clothes for Traveling

The best clothes for traveling are the ones that are most comfortable for you. However, we have some ideas to make your selection easier.


Wing of Plane

Long Cardigan

If your flight is hours long, you will want a cardigan. Wear it to keep you warm or ball it up to use as a pillow if you are warm enough.


Choose a light jacket, one that isn’t too bulky, to wear on the plane. The jacket can be worn over your cardigan. Having a jacket is a lifesaver if you get cold easily. A jacket is also perfect as a leg blanket, a blanket for your kids, or as a pillow.

Two Piece Pants Set

Two piece sets for women are comfortable and stylish. Choose a two piece skirt set if you need to dress up or choose a two piece pants set with joggers if you want something more comfortable. Two piece sets make it easy to wear a neutral cardigan and layer a jacket over top.

Comfortable T-Shirt

Wear a comfortable t-shirt under your two piece pants set. The shirt can be tucked in the front to give it a more put-together look. If your two piece set includes a sweatshirt, you have a comfortable shirt underneath.

Pants that Stretch

Pants with a little bit of stretch in them are perfect for moving around, such as up and down, like you do when you travel. You don’t want to sit on a plane for five hours with stiff pants. If you do need to wear a skirt but don’t want your legs to touch the plane seat, then wear a pair of pants over your skirt. That way, your legs are covered and you can take the pants off in the bathroom of your destination.


If you are going on a long-distance flight then consider wearing compression socks. Compression socks stimulate circulation and lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Otherwise, wear wool socks. Wool resists odors so your feet will be less smelly when you get to your hotel.


What is your most comfortable pair of shoes? Are they sneakers or flats? Choose whichever will make your feet hurt less at the end of the day. 

Travel in Comfort

Two piece sets are the most comfortable option when you are traveling. Layer them with a cardigan and a light jacket so you can take layers off as you warm up. Make sure your pants have some stretch in them because of all the walking, sitting, and standing you will be doing.