You have probably heard skinny jeans are out, but are they really? Gen-Z wants to get rid of skinny jeans but these jeans have made their mark in the fashion world. 

Skinny jeans first started in men’s fashion in 2008. By 2010, skinny jeans were everywhere. Over the decade, men, women, and kids all have skinny jeans as a staple in their wardrobe.

However, recently Gen-Z declared war on skinny jeans. Why? Because they can. Gen-Z is trying to make their mark in the fashion world and carve their own spot. Apparently, they decided skinny jeans were what they were going to make fun of millennials for.

Black Skinny Jeans

If you were born between 1981 and 1996, you know how important skinny jeans are, especially high waist skinny jeans. No, skinny jeans aren’t out. But if you want to expand your wardrobe, we have some ideas for you.

Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork denim is inspired by over a year of quarantine. More people did DIY projects and made their own unique clothing more artistic. We saw people painting on shorts, jeans, and jean jackets. 

Patchwork jeans are also in. Mix and max different colors on the jeans for a vintage effect. It is also a good DIY project. Put patches on that match one outfit or make your denim colorful with lots of patches.

Bootcut Jeans

They are comfortable, sleek, and come in many washes. Bootcut jeans are not the same as in the early 2000s. In the early 2000s, bootcut jeans were low-waisted and rose just above the butt crack. Now, bootcut jeans are high waist and hug the hips to show off your curves. 

The bootcut jeans are straight all down the leg. Some may have a slight flare at the bottom, but most are pretty straight. Pair then with a pointed toe and stiletto heel for an elegant look.

Cut-Out Pockets

Show a little hip when you wear cut-out pocket jeans. If you like the look but don’t want to show the skin, wear a bodysuit under the pants. Pair them with a bright-colored bodysuit to really show off the cut-outs.


Asymmetric Buttons

Asymmetric buttons and an interesting look to otherwise boring jeans. A fun twist like this takes your outfit up to the next level. You can wear them with pretty much any shirt, but a crop top is best to show off the look.

90s Baggy Fit

Yes, the 90s are coming back in style. Pull out your baggy jeans from your closet and start wearing them again. Or you could buy your own pair, but let’s be honest, we still have some jeans from our childhood. If they don’t fit, pass them down to your kids and buy your own pair.

Tapered Leg

If you love your skinny jeans but want something a little different, try tapered leg jeans. Tapered is a little looser than skinny jeans but still narrow at the ankles. It flatters your figure and shows off your curves.

Barrel Leg Jeans

Barrel Leg jeans are in again. This type of jeans is slightly larger throughout the thighs and knee and tapers back down near the ankles. They take a little bit to get used to when you look at them. They might remind you of mom jeans from when you were growing up. If you do decide to wear barrel jeans, wear a tighter top and tuck it into your pants.

Cropped Jeans

You can dress them up or dress them down. Wear them for work or while you are shopping around town. Some cropped pants have a slight flare to them as well, which creates a slimming effect for your thighs. Cropped jeans go with any look.

What to Wear with Skinny Jeans

A pair of nude heels go well with dark wash skinny jeans. If the jeans are longer, to your foot, then roll the bottoms up a bit to show off your shoes. When you don’t have nude heels, wear a pair of ankle boots. Tuck your skinny jeans into the boots or roll the jeans up a bit to show off your ankle boots. They work with all washes of jeans.

Heels With Jeans

An oversized sweater goes perfectly with skinny jeans. If you are wearing something loose on the top then wear something tighter on the bottom to balance everything out. If you wear loose on both areas it will look baggy and unkempt.

Layer your look. This works well for the fall and springtime when the weather is changing. Since your skinny jeans for women are tight on the bottom, create the layers on top. Wear a button-down shirt with a sweater and throw a jacket over the top. A lighter way to create layers is to wear a tank top with a cropped, lightweight sweater.

Dress over your skinny jeans. This is a throwback style but it is coming back into fashion. Wear a tight pair of skinny jeans and throw a casual dress over top of them. Pair them with strappy heels for a more elegant look, or ankle boots to keep it casual.

When you want to wear your skinny jeans to work, pair them with a blazer. Black skinny jeans are easily dressed up with a button-down shirt and a fitted blazer. Wear black heels or other work-appropriate shoes to complete your outfit.

Skinny Jeans are Here to Stay

While Gen-Z may try and declare skinny jeans out, we know they will be here forever. When you do want to dress in something different, try the other types of jeans we listed. Keep updating your fashion, but don’t forget the basics.