10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Women’s Jeans

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Women’s Jeans

There are many reasons why you should take the process of buying new high waist jeans for women seriously! If you have ever had a problem with jeans not fitting right, or if you've ever found yourself in a store with jeans that didn't fit and no tailor around to help, this post is for you! Below, we will cover 11 questions to ask before buying a pair of jeans for women. This article is perfect if you are in the market for new jeans or if you want to find some more information on what makes a great fit.

1. What is My Waist Size? 

Your waist size is the best place to start! The best high waist jeans for women will fit comfortably around your natural waist, so it is best to buy a pair of denim that suits you best around the waist. 

If you typically wear low-rise jeans and are looking for something different, keep in mind that the best high-waisted jeans may sit higher than what you're used to. 

2. How Tall Am I? 

The best high waist jeans for women will also fit differently depending on how tall you are. The best way to find a pair of denim that fits perfectly is by trying them on. However, those who shop online will need to know a few things before hitting the purchase button.

Your height and overall length of your legs can affect how high a rise you need. For example, shorter jeans may find the best high waist jeans that sit lower on the hips to be more comfortable and flattering than those who are taller as they may want something slightly higher for comfort purposes.

3. What Color Do I Like Best? 

jean color

Next, consider the different colors that exist and find one that matches your style perfectly! It is best to stick with a neutral tone such as black or white, and this will ensure that they go well with more of your tops and accessories.

If you are looking for some new denim but aren't sure what colors work best on your skin type, there's no need to worry! Typically, blue jeans are the best jeans for women and suit many different fashion styles. 

4. Do I Prefer Slim Fit or Straight Leg Jeans? 

The best high waist jeans for women should fit well in your favorite areas while accentuating the parts you love best. Keep this in mind when choosing a leg style!

A slim fit is a great option if you're looking to show off curves, while straight-legged denim will look best on those with more slender legs and hips. Stay away from tapered-fit jeans if you're looking for an overall slimming effect.

5. Will these Be Worn with Heels or Flats Most Often? 

The best jeans for women will also depend on if you plan to rock them with heels or flats most often. Heels typically look best when your pants are a little long, but this isn't always the case! For example, those who love wearing flats may find that shorter denim looks best and is more comfortable.

When shopping online, it may be hard to tell how high a rise will hit on your body while wearing flats or heels. This is why taking accurate measurements is important! Depending on if you plan on rocking them with heels or flats most often, keep this in mind.

6. How Long Should the Inseam Be?  

If you are shorter than average, look for jeans with a short inseam length (inseam = the measurement from your crotch down to where you would like your pants to fall). For best results, measure your inseam length to find jeans that fit you perfectly. 

The inseam is essential to remember, though, since your jeans could be too long and drag on the ground if you buy the wrong size. If you're taller than average, find jeans with a longer inseam length to avoid this problem!

7. Do They Need to be Skinny or Straight? 

When shopping for the best jeans for women, keep in mind that some styles may appear different on your frame than they would someone else. This is why it's best to choose a cut (skinny vs. straight) based on how you like them best, rather than the latest fashion trend.

Skinny jeans are best for those who have smaller builds and thinner legs but broader hips! Straight-legged denim looks best on women with bigger thighs or calves since this helps balance out their body type more. 

8. How Much Will I Wear Them? 

The best jeans for women will be worn regularly and are worth the investment when it comes to how much wear you get out of them over time. This means they should fit you best and suit your style, while also holding up well over time.

Once you find the best jeans for women that fit all of your needs perfectly, be sure to stock up on them! Jeans are something everyone should have in their closet no matter what season it is since they can go with nearly anything! 

9. Will I Need to Wear a Belt with these? 

High-quality jeans for women should fit well without a belt, but it is very common for you to need a belt to close out any small gaps that remain. It is best to choose a belt that matches your outfit and shoes for this reason! 

The best jeans for women often fit correctly without the need for a belt, but many times it's just needed as an accessory! Try pairing them with different belts to find what works best and makes your outfits look the best. 

10. What is My Favorite Place to Buy Jeans? 

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Finally, consider where you typically shop for denim. If you're in the market for the best jeans for women, think about what online retailer has clothes that best suit your style! It's important to know this before buying jeans, so it makes shopping easier and stress-free!

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