10 Must-Have Items for your Summer Wardrobe

10 Must-Have Items for your Summer Wardrobe

Being fashionable during the warmer months doesn't have to be difficult, but it does take some prep work and creativity. You need to know what type of clothes are best suited for your body shape and skin tone, for starters. Then you can create outfits that keep things interesting by incorporating different styles and prints such as skinny jeans for women throughout the season. 

Finally, don't forget about accessories! Two-piece pants sets along with the right top and a fashionable hat and shoes can make any outfit stand out from others on the street. Here are ten essential pieces that will help you stay cool this summer while staying stylish. 

1. More Heat Means Fewer Layers

Dress for the weather! You may think that the big deal about dressing fashionably during the summer is finding ways to look cute at the beach, but you might be surprised! Practically any place where there's an air conditioner will benefit from wearing fewer layers. To keep things simple and chic, stick with lightweight fabrics like silk or cotton, summer jumpsuits for women, and so on. 

2.  Color Coordinate Your Clothes with your Hair

It's no secret that blondes have a hard time keeping cool in the warmer months. But did you know that having dark hair also makes it harder to stay comfortable? To counter this, choose clothes of different shades of the same color, and wear items that complement the season, such as skinny jeans for women, summer jumpsuits for women, and perhaps a two-piece pants set. 

2. Accessorize With a Hat or Shoes of Your Choice!

Some women are comfortable with a dozen accessories. Others don't like their ensemble to be anything but clothing. The trick is to find the right balance for you! To keep things simple, start by sticking with a few signature pieces. If wearing an accessory makes you feel uncomfortable or distracted, it's okay to skip it! It would be best if you also stayed away from flashy jewelry and makeup that might sparkle in the sun (unless, of course, that's your thing). 

3. Go Minimal

Many popular trends can make you look tacky or messy if you're not careful. To avoid this, approach your style with a minimal mindset—meaning that the clothes you wear should mostly be solid in color and have simple lines. Patterns should also be kept to a minimum! 

Skinny jeans for women are a great way to be beautiful and minimal at the same time! Tie-dye, animal print, cut-outs—these styles are great when they're done well and working together as part of a cohesive look, but not so good when mixed randomly into outfits. 

4. Shoe Selection Matters

clothes with shoes

Accessorize your clothes with shoes that are easy to slip on, like sundresses or sandals, so your feet stay relaxed and comfortable all day long! Your feet can swell in hot weather, so remember to wear supportive footwear without sacrificing style. 

Ballet flats and mules have excellent arch support while keeping things light on your feet. Espadrilles and slippers are perfect for summertime chilling by the pool or beach, while wedges and heels work well as they provide cushioning while giving added height to your frame. Platforms are also a good choice, as they will help you walk confidently even if the sidewalks and streets are hot.

5. Layer Up with T-Shirts and Cardigans in Cooler Temps 

While there's nothing wrong with layering up during the warmer months, you should always dress for comfort. When it's chilly outside, especially in the early hours of the morning and in the evening, you'll want to wear a shirt underneath your tank top or a thin layer beneath your sundress to keep warm. Put on some skinny jeans for women or a two-piece pants set to help keep yourself warm when needed!

6. Hairpins & Ties

There are few things more irritating in the summer than when your hair gets messed up! Keep your hair out of your face by wearing headbands or tying it back into a ponytail or bun. Just make sure that all your clothes have the same color as your hair accessories! Hair accessories also give you the chance to step up your game in terms of color coordination.

7. Fashionable Eyewear

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's glare during sunny days. You should also wear sunglasses under your hats in the evening so that you can avoid squinting. Not only is this better for your eyes, but it will help make you look more inviting and attractive to those who see you.  

8. Protection from the Hot Sun!

Apply sunscreen before going outside to avoid getting burned later on in the day. Remember to apply sunscreen to those parts of your body that don't receive as much sun, like the back of your neck and knees. Also, remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours! When wearing clothes such as summer jumpsuits for women, apply sunscreen to areas that are more exposed. 

9. Light Colors on Hot Days

Wear light colors to stay cool (they reflect heat) and pick clothes that aren't too tight, especially in warm weather. When the temperature gets cooler, you'll want to wear dark colors to stay warm (they trap heat) and consider layering your wardrobe so that you can add or remove items depending on the temperature. 

10. Material That Suits the Season 

Choose fabrics like cotton and linen instead of synthetics or wool, which are better suited for cooler seasons. Summer jumpsuits for women are an excellent place to start. Their breathability will help keep you cool when it's hot outside and give you good protection from the cold when it rains.

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Summer Fashion Items

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new fashion trends and explore your personal style. To help you stay cool this season, we've included ten must-have items for your summer wardrobe that will keep you looking stylish while staying comfortable in hot weather! 

Whether you're a fan of dresses or shorts, these essentials should be on every fashionable woman's checklist. Not sure what to wear? Come check out our selection of skinny jeans for women, summer jumpsuits for women, a two-piece pants set, and so on here at Bon Bini!