10 Clothing Swaps You Can Make in Your Closet

10 Clothing Swaps You Can Make in Your Closet

So you want to update your wardrobe—congrats! You have just taken the first step towards fashion excellence. But do you have room in your closet? What about all of those old, worn out clothes that have been taking up space for so long? 

You need an overhaul, and the best way to do it is by getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Here are some things you can swap with for a fresh and up-to-date closet.

#1: Old Pajama Pants for a New Velour Lounge Set

Those pajama pants that have been sitting in the back of your drawer for 5+ years? Toss them. They may have been comfortable back then, but now they are a beat up shell of its former self. 

New Velour Lounge Set

Pajama sets, on the other hand, feel fancy and comfortable without being too expensive. Velour loungewear is gorgeous, and it’s sexy. You are going to feel much better in velour loungewear than you will in pants with a rip down the back, trust us.

#2: Basic, Big Purse for a Unique, Tiny Purse

Most people think that huge, mammoth-sized purses are useful. But are they really? You’ve had that same tattered old bag for years, with a collection of gum wrappers and tampons lost in there somewhere. There’s just too much room!

Big Purse for a Unique

Plus, they’re out of style, which doesn’t help. Tiny purses, though they may seem impractical at first, store the essentials, and can bring any outfit up 3 points, easily.

#3: Tight T-Shirts for Loose-Fitting Graphic Tees

You may not have realized this, so allow us to be the first to tell you—women’s t-shirts never fit correctly. The arms are too tight, they’re completely see-through, and always have a v-neck. While they work in some cases, in most cases, they’re just uncomfortable, and often unflattering.

Tight T-Shirts for Loose-Fitting Graphic Tees

Instead of your collection of old women’s-cut t-shirts, get some trendy, comfortable, and unique loose graphic tees.

#4: Bodysuits for a Jumpsuit

Bodysuits that get stuck in all the wrong places can be worn well with certain outfits, but often extend the limits of your wardrobe when you have to find the right pants to wear them with. 

Summer jumpsuits are for women—sexy jumpsuits are for women—lace jumpsuits are for women. Sure, bodysuits work, but nothing can beat your confidence in a coordinated look with an unbeatable jumpsuit.

#5: Mom Bathing Suit for a Sexy Bikini

Mom Bathing Suit

Don’t be afraid of your body. Sexy bikinis are back in style now more than ever before, and there has never been a better time to show off your beautiful self. Mom-looks are cute, don’t get us wrong, and you should always wear what makes you feel the most confidence. But don’t let society get you down, and swap out your old suit for something a bit more exciting.

#6: Old Jacket for a High-Fashion Jean Jacket

Most of us have an ancient sweatshirt or jacket that just doesn’t work anymore. Or, you’re still wearing your winter coat from the 2010s. Either way, there’s a better alternative.

Old Jacket

Denim jackets can be dressed up or down, with unique features to really make it stand out. A denim jacket with chains on the back can make a bold statement, or a fringe denim jacket can make a bit more edgy-meets-girl-next-door look. Whatever your fashion needs, a denim jacket can easily replace your old looks.

#7: Skinny Heels for Chunky Heels

Pencil-thin stilettos can still make an incredibly sexy look, but they are certainly not very practical. Thick-heeled shoes, whether platforms or a chunky pump, are in, so why not take advantage of it?

#8: Low Cut Jeans for High Waisted Jeans for Women

Thank goodness that the low-rise cut jeans of the 2000s are out, and we don’t think they will ever make a full comeback. Despite this, chances are you have an old pair hiding somewhere in your closet.

Low Cut Jeans

Perhaps you forgot they were still around. Or, maybe you just don’t have any other options to wear. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to make a change. High waist jeans for women have come into the spotlight, and it looks like they will be there for years to come. If you haven’t yet already, it’s time you make the switch to the best jeans for women.

#9: Cardigans for Button Downs

Sweaters will never be out of style, and we’re thrilled. But those long, thick cardigans may belong in the past. If worn well, even the oldest cardigan can look fresh. But dressing up the old to look new is tough, especially when you can make such a simple switch. Wearing a button-down over the same tops you wore with the cardigan can make an updated, summery, and more unique look.

#10: Mis-Matched Tops and Pants for Two Piece Sets

We all have experienced the problem of loving pants or a shirt but having nothing to match it. These mis-matched pieces sit loveless in the bottom of your closet, and would love a new home.

But how can you solve this issue without running into the same problem? Two piece sets for women have a surprising amount of variety, and can be worn with other pants or shirts if you want to mix it up. Two piece skirt sets and two piece pants sets can easily be worn together or apart for a constantly put-together wardrobe.

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